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Convert images from WEBP to PNG online without losing quality or installing software.
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Google created the WEBP format to compress the common PNG and JPEG images to improve the website's efficiency by consuming less data. The WEBP format compresses the JPG file size up to 30%. However, this format is incompatible with certain image viewers, web browsers, and social media platforms. The PNG format is more convenient for all platforms and viewers. Also, it can be created without a background.

Are you looking for an efficient online tool to convert WEBP to PNG? Let's dive in.

webp to png converter is a online tool that converts WebP files to PNG, allowing users to download or edit the resulting PNG image.

Key Features WEBP to PNG tool

Quality preservation

While changing from the WEBP file to PNG format, the image quality remains the same as in the original file. However, the file size increases due to the lower compression ability of the PNG format.


Our tool guarantees the safety of all file transfers using strong SSL encryption. The WEBP files are deleted after conversion. The converted files are then erased within 24 hours.

Bulk Conversion

Using our WEBP to PNG converter, hundreds of conversions can be done at the same time. Each conversion takes just a second.


Both new and experienced users will find this tool easy to use. The best user interface assists users in understanding the conversion process.

Fast and Free

It is free and takes less than a second to convert WEBP to PNG image format. Our servers and algorithms work quickly, which saves our users time.

No Subscription

To convert WEBP to PNG, no subscriptions or email logins are required. Simply complete your task and move on.

Browser compatibility

This tool is compatible with various web browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. This tool also works with all operating systems, including Mac, Windows, and Linux.

24 Hour Support

Our users can contact us for any queries or worries. Drop the email in our inbox, and we will respond within 24 hours.


How to convert WEBP to PNG using this tool?

Converting WEBP to PNG is much easier using this tool. Just follow three easy steps.

  • Upload or drag and drop the WEBP image or paste the image URL into the box.
  • Click the convert button to proceed.
  • Download the PNG image by clicking the “Download” button.


What is a WEBP file?

WEBP is an open-source file format for making images that work well on websites and mobile apps. It does this by using predictive compression. While keeping the same quality, WEBP images are up to 26% smaller than PNG files. WEBP images load quickly on desktop computers and mobile apps.

What is a PNG (Portable Network Graphics) file?

PNG is a raster-based file format that makes images smaller to send over the internet. PNG files can have either RGB or RGBA colors and be made see-through, making them great for making icons and other graphics. The good thing about PNG is that it is an open format with lossless compression.

What is the difference between PNG and WEBP?

PNG and WebP are image formats with varying compression and file sizes. PNG offers high quality but larger file sizes, while WebP supports both lossless and smaller compression, making it ideal for web images.

Can I convert multiple images simultaneously?

Yes, our WEBP to PNG converter can convert multiple images at once. That feature saves time, especially when working with lots of files.

What image size and how many photos can I convert?

WEBP files with a maximum size of 100 MB can be converted. There is no limit to the number of images to convert WEBP to PNG format.

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